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Attorney Garlinck Dumont

Attorney Garlinck Dumont

Attorney Garlinck Dumont grew up in New York City, moved to Connecticut during her high school years where she graduated with honors. She then went on to graduate from Central Connecticut State University (CCSU) with a Bachelor of Arts.  While at CCSU, Attorney Dumont was very active on campus serving as a leader to several campus organizations including the Student Government Association. Attorney Dumont was recognized for her tireless efforts in receiving the Dean’s Award for Leadership upon graduation.

After several years of working in the social services field, Attorney Dumont went on to pursue her law degree at New England School of Law in Boston, Massachusetts. There she continued in the development of her leadership skills serving in various on-campus organization and activities.  She even went on to represent the law school in a national moot court competition at the regional level.  Upon graduation, Attorney Dumont received recognition from the law school for her leadership and direction, receiving the Dean’s Service Award for Outstanding Leadership and Service to the Institution.

Attorney Dumont is currently licensed to practice law in both Connecticut and Massachusetts.  Her current fields of practice include divorce, child custody and visitation; housing and evictions; wills and probate matters; criminal defense and personal injury.  Attorney Dumont is a certified Guardian Ad Litem (GAL) and Attorney for the Minor Child (AMC), completing a rigorous six-week training program structured by the State of Connecticut.  Attorney Dumont continues to serve the public today as a Co-Chair for the Connecticut Bar Association Young Lawyers Section’s Solo/Small Firm Committee and also as a Director for the George W. Crawford Black Bar Association where she chairs the Judicial Diversity Committee.

Important to Attorney Dumont is her pro bono work with Statewide Legal Services, Inc., a legal aid and referral services program. She also serves on the Connecticut Bar Association’s Pro Bono Committee.  In addition to her other community mentorship efforts, Attorney Dumont also mentors middle school-aged students in New Britain, Connecticut through the Truancy Intervention Project, a project designed to pair legal professionals with students experiencing problems with truancy.

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